Tequila Talks

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Tequila Talks – The Changing Market

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Tequila Talks. Each week I will talk about real estate and sip on some tequila. What more do you need? The tequila of the week is Clase Azul Tequila Plata and I talked about the changing market and what Austin buyers and sellers need to consider. With the market leveling back out, buyers can ask sellers for concessions on closing costs and have more options in negotiations. Sellers now need to be more strategic when pricing their home. We need to be closer to mid-range pricing and sellers can really benefit from making updates to make the house more appealing for the buyers. This is not my first time going through what I call a market cycle. I have a ton of experience with negotiations and utilizing the sales techniques I’ve used over the last 20 years.


Tequila Talks – The Austin Rental Market

Today I’m sipping on Teremana tequila and talking about the Austin rental market. As a renter, you don’t get any of the benefits that you do when paying your mortgage. Did you know the average rent per month in Austin is $3,200? To the renters wanting to buy but feel like you are being bought out by interest rates and inventory, go ahead and see a lender to get pre-approved. There are new loan programs coming up so it’s a great time to get started. We can now leverage some of the closing costs to benefit you as well. Boo Rent! Thanks for watching! Let’s get you in your own home.

Tequila Talks – New Programs

Today I’m featuring my favorite, Centenario tequila. Not only is this tequila excellent, but it is also rich in history. We are seeing a lot of changes in the market and there are some pretty great programs for buyers being offered. Let me know if you have any questions about grants in your area and if you would be able to qualify.


Tequila Talks – 20 Years in the Industry

This week I tried out the Dulce Vida grapefruit tequila. It’s great for refreshing cocktails to drink poolside. I’ve been in the industry for 20 years and a lot has changed but so much remains the same. It has been crazy seeing how the home prices have increased right along with Austin traffic. I’ve met some amazing people and friends over the years in the industry. Some of whom I’ve worked with since the beginning. I’m looking forward to bringing them onto Tequila Talks episodes so you can also learn from them. One thing that will never change is the appreciation, respect, and commitment to my clients. Everything I do is for them, not for me.

Tequila Talks with Sam Buentello

I’m so glad to have one of my good friends and business partner, Sam Buentello join me. Sam’s tequila choice for this episode is the Sangre de Vida Corazon Reposado. It was pretty earthy and gave good burn. Some may even describe it as spicy. Sam has been in the business since 1985 and is an expert in the industry as an insurance agent and independent contractor. This episode is packed with practical advice and information all home owners need to know. For current home owners, you may have noticed an increase in your rate due to inflation and cost of materials. Sam suggests talking with your agent about options especially if you have replaced your roof recently. For new buyers choosing an insurance agent, Sam recommends finding an agent with high customer service ratings. Reach out to a minimum of 3 agents and ask questions about their coverage and find someone you connect with. Don’t leave out any coverage because if you save a few hundred dollars a year could cost you thousands of dollars of not having coverage in place. You can’t change the coverage so you have to keep it locked in. This is why you need to go through the coverage line by line with your agent.

Their office is located in Cedar Park and they offer home, auto, recreational vehicles, and commercial businesses. You can find more here: sambuentelloinsurance.com/ 512-646-2691

Tequila Talks with Rob Klepner

I’m so glad to have Rob Klepner from Park Place Finance join me on this episode. We have been working together since my very first transaction 20 years ago. Rob brought the Skelly Tequila Anejo. This tequila was really smooth and great for sipping. Rob is the Chief Operating Officer of Park Place Finance and has been in the mortgage industry since 2002. Park Place Finance offers residential and hard money lending for commercial and residential transactions. During this episode, we discussed the market changing from a seller’s market to quickly shifting to a balanced market. A hot topic right now is whether or not the buyers should ask sellers to buy down the rate. Rob suggests considering how long you plan to live in the home. If you will live in the home for 10+ years, you will save over time by buying the lowest possible home price and refinancing once the rates lower. For those living in a home less than 5 years, it may be in your best interest to ask for a 2-1 buydown. Rob breaks down how this can save for the first 2 years of the loan in the hopes that rates will lower by year 3. Everyone wants to know when the rates will finally start to lower. Based on the baseline rates and fed funds target rate, Rob says we will hopefully see a balance by April and a slow decrease throughout the rest of 2023. I look for partners who educate and do what is right vs what is profitable and Park Place Finance does just that.

Contact Rob Klepner: parkplacefinance.com rob@parkplaceus.com 512-789-9563

Tequila Talks – Happy New Year

2022 year has been a roller coaster. Investors and buyers were putting in offers way over the list price from January to May. The market completely shifted and now is the time to really trust an agent with experience and knowledge. I’m grateful to continue relationships with my partners in the business who I can trust for my clients. Thank you to the 2022 Tequila Talks guests who have brought their expertise and knowledge. Keep an eye out for more guests in 2023.


Tequila Talks with Jason Baker

I’m excited to have Jason Baker from National Property Inspections join me on episode 8 of Tequila Talks. Jason’s tequila of choice is Lalo. The hints of cinnamon and sweet potato bring a smooth finish. Lalo is the nickname of the founder, Eduardo Gonzalez, grandson of the father of premium tequila, Don Julio Gonzalez. The inspection is one of the most important parts of the home-buying process. When hiring an inspector, it’s important they are going to communicate with you clearly from beginning to end. According to Jason, the top 5 areas of focus are the roof, foundation, electrical, HVAC and plumbing. His team strives to give the buyer and agent as much information as possible and will recommend who needs to take care of this particular service. NPI Round Rock and Central Texas is a one stop shop that offers residential inspections, commercial, termite inspections, sewer scans, thermal scans, and mold.

Learn more about National Property Inspections:

npiweb.com/roundrock or npiweb.com/centex

Tequila Talks with Austin Bunkers

This week on Tequila Talks, I have a special guest, Austin Bunkers from Park Place Finance joining me to discuss investment financing. He brought a local tequila from Tequila 512. The blanco is an agave that is a smooth sipping tequila and would be great in a margarita as well. Austin specializes in residential investment loans nationwide  Hard money is a creative financing tool used for business loans. The three types of hard money loans are Fix and Flips, DSCR (debt service coverage ratio), and short term rental products. Check out additional clips on my channel to learn more about these loans. This episode is packed with great advice for experienced and first time investors. A big takeaway is to always keep the net income in mind with every decision you make. Our conversation had so much great information that there are 5 additional short videos on my channel about investment loans so be sure to check those out. Always have an experienced broker helping with your transaction. I have experience with investment properties personally as well as over 20 years of experience in residential and investment transactions. I can also introduce you to my team of vendors that to help you with your flip from beginning to end. 

Austin Bunkers can be reached at (512) 200-2414 or email him at austinb@parkplaceus.com